Why Houghton is one of this summer’s most breath-taking prospects.


With a line-up curated by the legendary Craig Richards and produced by the team behind UK Festival Awards-nominated Gottwood, Houghton Festival is one of the most exciting new weekend festivals to emerge in the past few years.

It is testament to the personal commitment and devotion of Richards himself that in March 2018 he cited Houghton as one of the projects that made him limit his residency at fabric, the club with which he has been associated for almost two decades. Richards’ dedication and passion for Houghton is just one of the reasons that we cannot wait to see the sounds that this festival can deliver this year.




Taking place at Houghton Hall, and set against the backdrop of the scenic Norfolk countryside, Houghton manages to showcase a modern sound in an otherwise aged landscape, delivering an intimate setting to thousands of music-lovers.

By attracting some of the best names in dance music, culminating in unforgettable sets such as Optimo’s sunrise set on the final day of 2017, Houghton ensures you find yourself in that age-old dilemma of deciding which act to see when you see the inevitable set clashes.

With 12 stages and a 24-hour licence spread over 4 days, Houghton certainly has plenty to offer and enough time in

which to offer it. The festival’s especially alluring stages include the Clearing, with its central steel pavilion, allowing

for an intimate and comfortable setting and viewing from all angles, and Tantrum, with its warm lighting illuminating the tent and beyond.

While known for its consistently exceptional line-ups, Houghton has come under criticism for a lack of female acts, and its diversity is an element the festival must improve upon in the coming years, as we eagerly await what promises to be another sumptuous line-up in 2019.

And for those who have not yet managed to experience this magical weekend, the future looks even brighter still for Houghton – Craig Richards himself has openly expressed a desire not to grow the festival; instead, he seeks to maintain the intimacy of the event with ‘minor improvements and a strong belief in the original concept’. A commitment to intimacy and a desire to make the festival the best that it can be is why Houghton is one of this summer’s most breath-taking prospects.

By Louis Holbrook

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